Revolution happens when people acknowledge their power and use this strength of knowing, to shift this world from consumption fueled, into community fueled. We are here to help each other and have a good time. Sounds of Revolution is a collection of inspirations, translated into expressions; a collective of humans experiencing a reality that we are ready to transform completely. We are moved to do all we can and risk everything to protect and defend this planet, it’s natural systems and all the creatures that we people live here with. We are gathering to evoke a new culture that celebrates authenticity. We experience this life with all of our senses and express it in the form of art and community. We are reactivating the lost art of humanity.


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Jordan Cove’s LNG (fracked gas) pipeline, threatens destruction of 229 miles long and over 90 miles wide of Oregon country. The pipe would then link into pacific connectors, sending all the fracked gas straight to Asia. Submit your comments to the state of Oregon